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Taipei January 2018

Taipei January 2018

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Ive actually been to Taipei twice. Two separate layovers, of about equal time in length. I arrived in Taipie late at night the airport was dead. Customs line was dead. took short time to get through Customs. Got into Taipei first and really only thing I wanted to do was see Taipei 101 the famous tower. So I asked what bus to take and its the 1960 bus you take it to The Grand Hyatt and Taipei 101 is right there. My second trip to Taipei was with my mom and well her and I stopped in at Wave Club Taipei and clubbed for about a hr before heading back to the airport. The airport was so dead I walked the entire airport just cause I had that much time. My first time in Taipei I was heading to Seoul. My second time in Taipei I was heading to Singapore. I wrote about Singapore briefly I will add a follow up post about Singapore. but here is my Taipei post. Enjoy the pictures.

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