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Singapore January 2018

Singapore January 2018

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We stayed at Marina Bay Sands Resort Singapore Which is an amazing resort. We flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles to Singapore with a pretty long layover in Taipei. I will write about our layover in Taipei in another post. This trip took place back in 2018 I don't remember everything but I do remember the plane was extremely cold. I had winter wear on and a blanket from the plane and I was still freezing. So we arrive in Singapore what next? Getting through customs is the first step. didn't take too long. You didn't when I flew to Singapore need a visa to arrive you could get a visa on entrance for up to 2 weeks in Singapore. other countries will allow you to stay longer and in some countries, you must apply for a visa before traveling. Once through customs, we took a taxi to Marina Bay Sands. Mom and I weren't staying in Singapore long so we had to make the most of our trip. The first thing we did is went up to the pool and took a picture of the Singapore Skyline. We didn't stray to far from the Resort in fact I believe everywhere we went while there was owned by the resort. We went to the helix bridge, gardens by the bay, we walked the massive resort, had pizza. At night we went back up to the pool for a swim and another picture of the skyline. We left the following morning. I told you it was a short trip. We originally had a different longer trip planned it fell through and we salvaged our reservations at Marina Bay Sands and flew out for a shorter version of our trip.

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