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Mongolian Beef With Asparagus

Mongolian Beef With Asparagus

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Tonight we made Mongolian Beef with Asparagus. Doesn't take long to make and is delicious..

1lb stew beef




1/2 cup soy sauce 

1/2 cup water 

1 teaspoon of ginger 

1 garlic cloves 

1lb asparagus 

1/4 cup brown sugar

3 green onion

1/2 a yeallow onion

Sesame seeds for decoration

1 bag insta rice 

1 pound stew beef coat in cornstarch salt and pepper light on the salt and pepper cook in a skillet with avocado oil until brown.

After the meat is brown put on a plate then in the same skillet put the garlic ginger yellow onion and cook for 30 seconds to a minute. After the ginger garlic yellow onion have cooked for 30 seconds to a minute add the half a cup of soy sauce half a cup of water quarter cup brown sugar let that simmer for 30 seconds add in the beef and put it covered and let it cook on low heat until the meat is done when the meat is done add the asparagus let it cook until the asparagus is soft and then serve on plate Topped with green onions and sesame seeds Cook your Insta race place on plate and enjoy Mongolian beef

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